Rittenhouse Square


Rittenhouse Square presents a relaxing spot where visitors and locals gather for picnics, sun-bathing, or just to take a stroll amid the trees, manicured lawns and sculptures. Named for astronomer and clockmaker David Rittenhouse, the family-friendly park remains one of the most lovely and peaceful spots in which to paint, read, relax on a park bench or catch-up with friends. The main walkways are diagonal, beginning at the corners and meeting at a central oval. The plaza, which contains a large planter bed and a reflecting pool, is surrounded by a balustrade and ringed by a circular walk. Classical urns, many bearing relief figures of ancient Greeks, rest on pedestals at the entrances and elsewhere throughout the square. Ornamental lamp posts contribute to an air of old-fashioned gentility.

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What makes this business unique? Philadelphia’s most popular town square



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Mon - Sun 6 AM - 1 AM

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